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supernatural episode 4.3

just some reactions to tonight's episode, i feel the need to expound upon the intense information we discovered today.

tv.com summary

First--WHERE WAS SAM? I know that it's weird I am complaining about the amazing overload of Dean, but I love their dynamic; especially since it's about to get way more intense! I missed sidekick geekboy.

Second--THIS EPISODE WAS SO AMAZING SJKFJKLFJKLJDKLSREOPJFDMKCKLS!!!!!!!! It is one of my absolute favorite episodes of the entire series. Maybe I am on a post-episode high, but I thought it was excellent.

I never would have guessed that Mary was a hunter, and that it's practically in Dean's blood (three generations) to be a hunter! Wow. All the theories about why Sam was a "demon-baby"... I never saw one that suggested ANYTHING like what really went down. Kripke continues to amaze me.

Question, though--Does this explain why Sam is the one who was "chosen"? Because he was in the cradle when Mary's deal was up? Or because the YED knew what kind of person Dean would grow up to be because they met in '73? Now I want to re-watch the pilot/all of YED's interactions with Dean to see if there's any "recognition" of Dean by the YED.

Mary never realized who Dean was, did she?

I wonder what Sam will think when Dean tells him about all of this....I think it will take a load off of Sam because he thinks that it was all his fault that Mary and Jess died--but it was really just the YED being the magnificent bastard that he is. But now that the YED what does that mean? I know that they still have to worry about Sam going "dark side" but what does that even mean? I guess we'll have to wait and see what Castiel is going to do.

And why did Castiel do this anyway? It didn't make sense at the end. He could have just told Dean about the YED, Mary's deal, and her family's legacy as hunters. Maybe that will come up later.

Somebody brought up the fact that this episode was like "What Is and What Never Should Be" all over again---but I don't think so. Or maybe I really liked that episode too so I don't mind.

I haven't said anything about John. The scene at the diner--the realization that it was his dad--AHHH! I don't think I stopped "AHHH!"-ing that entire scene. And the Impala--AHHA! I wonder what would happen if Dean hadn't gone back in time...would John have re-thought the van (LOL) and decided to buy the Impala on his own? I don't think so. It's so heartbreaking to think of what he'll become after Mary dies ESPECIALLY since that's what she didn't want for her children---but I guess that's what happens when you keep your entire life a secret.

I think that's enough for now. Can't wait for next week...this season is gonna be so awesome!!!
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