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what = <3 today ?

justin timberlake + espresso royale lattes + nice weather = <3
and another thing that doesn't usually = <3 because of all the frustration it causes, but today it is lovely: writing fic = <3

i just needed to post that i'm very proud of all the fic i've written lately. (this is all of what i've written lately, in case anyone is interested.)

not only did i write some kick-ass supernatural fic (SO PROUD) but i feel like i've also been able to get a feel for characters outside of my normal range. :) usually i am a dark angel and supernatural person, but my grey's is getting better and i loved my heroes drabble too. house is hard, but i liked that a little bit too.

so yay me, i'm working on my writings. and participating in pretty_stickers! i usually feel like i don't have time for it, but since i discovered my hour in between classes on mondays and wednesdays (and sometimes tuesdays and thursdays, lol) that i don't feel like studying during, i can write.

wooohoo. i love college and all the free time that i have discovered :)

ps. just in case you forgot, jensen ackles / dean winchester also = <3 EVERY DAY 25/7 ;)

so yeah, just a random post today. :)
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