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mmmhmm jhutch

spiltcoffeee in equalslove


I thought you would like to know that.

But a couple disclaimers without giving away the movie ---

It's very graphic. When they say it's about a terrorist bombing, you're gonna see the terrorist bombing and also the inevitable shooting afterwards of innocent people. Still, the characters are very real and the plot is awesome except for the intense amount of violence but I still enjoyed it anyway. There were also a lot of quotable lines in it, which really helped in removing the tension from the situation; sometimes it was fuckin' hilarious and the whole theater was laughing out loud.

Still, My heart was still pounding with adrenaline for like, 20 minutes after the movie ended.

The whole cast was awesome. Jeremy Piven was hilarious and this movie had everything you would want in an action movie and more. But Jordan and I were talking about it and it's not something you can watch over and over and over again simply because of the emotional investment you have through the movie---it's a lot to put yourself through. So, that said, I'm NOT going to buy it on DVD. Sadly, it's so unlikely that I'll want to watch it again in the near future, even though it was amazing.

But be aware that it's really emotionally involving and you see people get shot/killed/blown up/murdered when you don't want to.

Lovely note to end on, isn't it?
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