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new love.

i have a new favorite guy; well, two.

entourage (on HBO) stars adrian grenier (vincent "vinnie" chase, movie star) and kevin connolly (eric "e" murphy, vince's manager and childhood friend)

mmm they are cute. the show is funny too -- it's on HBO though so there's smoking weed and naked girls and sex and all the stuff they can't show on cable but it's soo good and i'm so upset that i won't be getting it at my dorm :/ it makes me so sad. lol.


adrian grenier. amazing eyes. gorgeous. his hair is amazing too. :D he was really cute in devil wears prada as anne hathaway's boyfriend, wasn't he. mmm. in entourage he plays the movie star that e, johnny drama (vince's brother) and turtle all mooch off of, lol. anyway, he's an amazing actor and i love him in real life and in tv-entourage-life :*

eric 'e' murphy. former employee/manager of sbarros in new york. currently manager of vincent chase and (up-to the episodes i've seen) anna faris, lol. but he's so cute. he doesn't like to have unemotional sex with women. and he is so sweet. i don't think he ever smoked either. he's the wholesome one. the lupin to vinnie's james. awww. he is cute, innit he? :) he has nice eyes and his smile is cute and he's got freckles all over :P don't ask me how i know ;) but both our names start with e. awww.

they're best friends and it's real cute. vince hardly ever does anything without e's approval. vince doesn't read any of the scripts that ari (vince's agent) sends him, e reads them and tells them if they suck or if they're good. e is just basically the best kind of friend you can have ... one that does the hard part of your work for you, and lets you do all the fun stuff ! lol. sorry i'm not more like that XD

mmm. dreamy. well, maybe not ari and drama and turtle (ari is the older guy and drama is the skinny one with facial hair and turtle is the big guy) but i do love me some vinnie and e. :D

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